Our advantage

R & D strength to ensure-want to get

Production capacity to ensure-can be done

Quality control-to ensure that it is done well

R & D

Complete R&D team configuration, professional and young talent echelon combination

As an innovative technology company, we have a vibrant, high-quality, professional R&D team. Moreover, the company has always focused on the construction and update of the R&D team. At present, a complete chain of R&D echelons has been formed from industrial design, structural design to electronic hardware, software development, and engineering

Strict product development process Basic guarantee for outstanding products

The R&D of each product is under strict control system. All departments and positions cooperate with each other to ensure the advantages of winning the market with the highest efficiency and high quality.

Production capacity

Advanced dust-free workshop,capacity ability ensure order been shipped in time.

modern production line, strong technical and sophisticated process equipment. More than 5,000 square meters dust-free workshop make our product very high quality. We specialize in the production of high-tech beauty equipment products, which can ensure the stable supply of customers. In the course of many years of company operation, we have integrated a large number of professional supplier resources, and have formed a complete high-quality supply industry chain, which is highly competitive in terms of technology leadership, supply efficiency, and supply cost.

Quality control

Strict quality control system,make sure our customer’s brand can take advantage of high quality

Quality control at raw material, production, and finished product, before shipping. ISO quality certification make sure our customer’s brand can value from it

These years our product and technology:
Keep focus on innovation

Past four years,we invest a lots in R&D,and gain below beauty technology;

At same time,base on AI and internt+ technology,our new business mode integrate smart, internet, AI, Cloud technology。

Business mode:OEM,OEM+,ODM

Wait you Join us, we creat beauty device for beauty future together!

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