Japan Technology beauty device nanoskin RF face lifting and rejuvenating device

With design idea of simply use intelligent products, matched with intelligent chips and modes

HD LCD screen, nanoskin face lifting device helps realized professional home beauty care with beauty salon level. Super function and working mode as below:


RF+ION positive exporting: get your face deep clean, especially after make-up remove,

RF+ENI: electroporation: help your daily use cosmetics more absorption,

RF+EMS: face lifting and face rejuvenating, wrinkle remover

COOling: tight skin and feel cool


Above is the function, but how the function work in modes? See below:

Beauty mode: with all the function arranged in step: 3mins deep clean- 3mins serum importing- 5mins face lifting –cooling 3mins

Nutrition mode: with deep clean 3mins—serum importing 3mins

V-face mode: with face lifting function 5mins and cooling 3mins

Also, there is free mode, you can choose any function anytime as you like


Why all the function work with RF technology?

RF can release heat and make skin create collagen, collagen make skin looks young and shiny.

With heat, ION can get deep clean

With heat, ENI can get more absorption for nutrition

With heat, EMS can get much better effect on V face.


What’s more this device with its own app, our team create the app, and operate it.

With app, customer can operate the device with app, and adjust device level, learn products, video, manual, also customer can ask question , make friend, and share in community..

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