why there is nanomix-H, nanomix-A, nanomix-E cosmetics mist sprayer

Nanotime beauty is original do mist spray, before mist sprayer is just for spay water, the technology is mist by ultrasound, nanotime beauty is the first one introduce this technology to China market from Japan, and we are the first one leading market to get used the device and it becomes fashion way to have a Nanotime beauty sprayer, nanotime, handy, handyII, handyIIS,  then more and more copy on china and other market, at same time, we got many feedback why the device cannot atomize cosmetics? They need a device can nebulize cosmetics, not just water.


That’s a mazing idea.


Why not, we can do it.


We invest a lots on R&D for three years,  

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