NanoTime beauty will be ready for 122 canton Fair, B9.3 L10-12, K37-39

We go to Canton Fair Guangzhou China every phase since 2013. It is not a professional Fair, but it has many interesting things there, most exhibitor are from China, and it covers all the products , so if you need something from China supplier, you can come to Canton Fair.

This year we will be there too, our booth NO. is B9.3 L10-12, K37-39, on the Fair many people loves to experience our device, and the effect can be see immediately, so at that time we will get you many pictures which people testing our device, and see the effective.


All our products will be taken to the Fair, including our new products, facial cleanser, two version, and eyes massage two version, you must like it, except this we would like to introduce you nanomix series, amazing products, you will love it once you see it. I will let you know what nanomix is in my next writing.

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