NanoTime Super Strong Selection Guide

There is no way to choose?

Here comes the super selection guide! ! !

Each product is a high-value, high-quality and practical product carefully developed by the team. We give you the best.


The general classification is as follows:

1. Home use beauty instruments

l  RF Beauty Series: Professional-grade home anti-aging beauty, with modes such as collagen regeneration, deep cleaning, assisted absorption, face-lifting, icy cold compress, etc., which can effectively solve comprehensive skin problems

² F82/F82C (ice version): Luxurious skin rejuvenation, popular among the newcomers of the student party.

² F82E (photon version): upgraded version, with unique photon beauty technology, popular with the public, hot-selling model.

² F81/F81E (photon version): Smart model, with smart connection via App, providing step-by-step instructions, time reminders, usage records and other functions throughout the process; four smart modes combined, super beauty, the first choice for ladies


l  Import series : basic model home beauty instrument, cleaning, importing, lifting, and basic functions

² F65I: ion importing, sonic assist, skin lift

² F65U: Ultrasonic introduction, auxiliary absorption, relieve skin


l  Eye beauty device: Improve dark circles, eye bags, eye lines, and puffiness; lift and tighten

² F52E: Hot compress to promote circulation, sonic massage, red plus blue light skin rejuvenation, and eye cream importing


l  V-face series : firming and lifting, massage treatment,and V-shaping

² F83: 4-wheel upgrade model

² F83L: 2-wheel basic model


l  Cleansing series : easily remove makeup residue, haze particles, nutrition introduction of skin care products, etc.

² F62Y: Silicone brush head, DuPont antibacterial brush

² F62: Silicone brush head, DuPont antibacterial brush, iontophoresis head

² F68: Ultrasonic cleansing of keratin, skin care products nutrient importing and absorption, micro-current lifting, and V face shaping


l  Visual blackhead removal devices (F31): hot compress to soften blackheads, visually absorb blackheads, and blue light for skin care


l  Nano mist sprayer: super atomized, so that skin care products such as toner and essence can penetrate pores more quickly, improve skin absorption, and replenish moisture and nutrition

² Atomizing capacity: F92E > F92A > F92


l  Moisturizer (F72): Atomizing spray that can be carried around, replenishing water without makeup


2. Become beautiful and strong auxiliary

l  Hair removal device: powerful and high-energy, fast hair removal, goodbye to repeated, comfortable and painless, can be used by many people

² B62E: High energy and quick effect, 50w lifespan

² B65 Pro: Freezing point painless, effective in 6 weeks, 30w hair, wireless use


l  Belly Beauty Apparatus (B88): Powerful Massage, Relaxed Fitness, Muscle Exercise, Sculpting Belly


l  Curling Instrument (B53): Two-way automatic anti-scald curling, simple and fast, a must for lazy people / handicapped parties


3. Household disinfection

l  Sterilization: a good helper for sterilization and disinfection

² B91X: salt + water = rapid generation of disinfectant, no need to dilute, ready to use

² H04: bacteria stand extinction analyzer, which can sterilize, disinfect, deodorize, prevent mildew, etc.

² H04 Pro/Max: Indoor comprehensive deodorization and sterilization, filtering out large particles, precise sterilization, air purification, no dead ends when plugged and used


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