The epidemic is raging, and the necessary artifacts for home disinfectio

       In recent days, the epidemic has gradually worsened, and new cases have been seen everyday. I really hope that the epidemic can end as soon as possible.

We go in and out of work and school every day, and come into contact with many people and various objects outside, and we will carry some bacteria on our bodies. Therefore, it is particularly important to take personal protective measures and disinfection.

Want to buy disinfection water, but ordinary disinfection products are expensive and unsafe. What should I do?

Our team has carefully developed two disinfection artifacts, which can easily help you solve your needs.


(Remember to wear a mask when going out!)

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The necessary equipment of the epidemic: nanoTime Beauty [  King Sterilization ] Disinfection Tool

Ordinary disinfectant must be scientifically diluted before it can be used. Alcohol is flammable and explosive, while nanoTime Beauty [ King Sterilizer ] adopts the fourth-generation electrolysis technology in Japan. It only needs salt and tap water to quickly produce sodium hypochlorite disinfection water, which can quickly kill bacteria, safe and effective, and extremely low cost.


It has three concentration modes, which can quickly electrolyze three different concentrations of disinfectant: low, medium and high. It is suitable for a variety of home disinfection scenarios, such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, tableware, baby products, fruit and vegetable cleaning and disinfection, etc. It can be used at any time, without side effects or leaving residues. It is simple and easy to use, super convenient, and it is really a good helper for home disinfection.


Epidemic must post equipment 2: nanoTime Beauty [Bacterial Extinction Analyzer] Disinfection Tool

It adopts 253nm ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection technology with a specific wavelength. The inner wall of the photolysis chamber adopts photocatalyst technology. Under the action of ultraviolet rays, active oxygen can be generated in the inner wall accessories, which can simultaneously kill bacteria and viruses. It can inactivate various viruses and pathogenic bacteria, and at the same time, it can also deodorize and prevent mildew.


Fully enclosed design, no UV leakage, no irritation, no residue, no side effects, ultra-low noise, and safe disinfection is more assured. Suitable for a variety of home disinfection scenarios, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, baby room, pet shed, etc., portable design, environmentally friendly and convenient, plug and use, so that every room maintains healthy and fresh air.


If you have higher sterilization requirements, you can choose H04 Pro/Max, which is an upgraded version of the [Bacterial Photolysis Analyzer], which greatly improves the effect of sterilization, dust removal, deodorization, and air purification, not only can filter out Large particles in the air, but also dual-band ultraviolet light is accurately sterilized, and the turbine type 24-hour active sterilization without dead ends can be used as needed.


During the epidemic, do personal protection, wash your hands frequently and disinfect frequently.

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