Lazy sports black technology --beauty instrument

Lazy sports black technology --beauty instrument


Do you have this trouble too ?

Weight gradually soars, physical fitness decreases day by day...

But I'm too busy at work, I don't have time, I don't want to exercise because I'm too fat, traditional fitness is too hard, and foodies can't control their mouths..


If you want to exercise easily, you must push the necessary exercise magic weapon for lazy people today - Namisi [Interference Wave Micro Current Abdominal Beauty Instrument]


black technology of Namis interference wave micro-current belly beauty instrument uses fragmented time to seize the shortcut of science, and let the "muscles move by themselves" anytime, anywhere.

It adopts 4500Hz transport micro-current from Japan's professional medical care field, which will not have obvious pain, and can pass through fat directly to the depths of the muscle, coupled with 2-100Hz low-frequency interference current, dual independent EMS micro- current Current, four-level interference wave signal cross action, multiple intelligent modes with ten gears, massage muscles strongly, and achieve high-quality EMS massage.



It can achieve professional-grade massages, workouts, treatments, and one minute of massage is better than hundreds of crunches.       

"20 minutes of massage every day = 30 minutes of free riding + 1500 meters endurance run + 1500 abdominal crunches "

Exercise has never been easier, it can easily exercise fitness, shape the abdomen, and also suitable for body massage care and organ function care for long-term bedridden people.


More intimate detachable design:

The main unit is detachable, and the patch can be replaced separately, which avoids the disadvantage that the patch cannot be used when there is a problem. It is convenient and hygienic, and the cost of long-term or multi-person use will be lower.


This product is not only loved by obese people, lazy people, office workers and other groups, but also a sports aid for fitness people. It is a secret weapon tailored for friends who want to practice waistcoat lines and abdominal muscles. When sitting at the office , stick a stick on the thigh and shake it ; in the spare class time, shake the abdomen ; anytime, anywhere, with the sticker , let the muscles move! !


Appropriate exercise is good for our physical and mental health, strengthen physical exercise, improve physical fitness, start loving sports today, let us become beautiful and thin together , and affect the people around us unknowingly.


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