Handicapped party in! Favorite curling iron of the year, no one

Going to work, shopping, dating, gathering... If you want to have a variety of styles, you can perm damage your hair, and you can have a single style! Ordinary curling iron, difficult to operate, a waste of time, and accidentally burnt! How to solve these problems perfectly?


Nanotime [Automatic Anti-Scald Hair Curler] easily solve the above troubles ! ! !

The handicapped party becomes a beautiful lucky star, a must-have curly hair artifact for lazy people. Easy and fast styling, safe and anti-scalding, easy hair styling.


     【Why is it super suitable for handicapped parties?】

1.Full anti-scalding design

The innovative tulip shape is adopted, and the unique full anti-scalding structure design is particularly well done. It will not feel hot when it is attached to the face, and there is no need to worry about the curls being burned.


2.Two-way automatic curling, double-sided buttons, both sides can be operated, which side is convenient to press which side

Whether it is forward curling, reverse curling, left curling or right curling, as long as you put your hair in and press the button to curl it, it is a savior for the handicapped who can't operate the curling iron. Not worrying about the reverse direction of the curl, but also with the most relaxed operating posture, novices can curl the hair full and curly.

Common hair curler operate switches in one direction, which is difficult to operate and the effect is not good.


3.Tuning fork inlet design makes it easier to master the volume of curls in a single session, making the curls more even and beautiful.


4.   With automatic reset function

Curly hair carelessly and improperly, worried that the hair will get stuck?

Don't be afraid, as long as you release the operation button, the curler will automatically reset, so you don't have to worry about getting stuck and sacrificing a few strands of hair. The thoughtful design makes it more secure to use.

5.  Three precise gear temperature control

Three temperature options are available, and various hair types can find suitable styling temperatures. The new ceramic heating chip can precisely control the temperature and protect the hair. When the set temperature is reached, it can be automatically stabilized to prevent the temperature from rising and falling to damage the hair.

l  220℃ suitable for thick and dense hair

l  200℃ suitable for normal hair

l  180°C suitable for fine and soft hair


     6.   Has smart reminder function

It beeps every 3 seconds and keeps reminding every 5 times, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting the time. It can make a perfect shape while protecting your hair.

    7.   Save time, good effect

It can be easily done in ten minutes, and the fully automatic curling guarantees good effect, good curl, good shape, and most importantly, its setting effect is also very good, and it can basically last all day.


The fully automatic operation of this hair curling machine is loved by most people. It can not only make it easy for handicapped parties and lazy parties to get started, but also men can easily learn it. In addition to using it at home, women can also make beautiful styles for the elderly and children at home; men can turn around and become stylists in seconds, and can help their subjects curl their hair into beautiful curls without any effort, thus increasing the women’s love.

       Gift-giving is also a good choice. It can be sent to friends and family members. The exquisite appearance makes people decent, the strong strength must be praised and practical, and the versatile shapes are pleasing and praised!


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