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Speaking of blackheads, I believe that most girls have the trouble of blackheads. It is like a person you hate, constantly disturbing you every day. You try hard to get rid of it every day, but it is still so ghostly scattered. How can we get rid of this annoying blackhead? What trap have you stepped on on the way to blackheads? Today let's talk!



       Firstly there are five main reasons for the formation of blackheads:

1. Genetic changes

According to research, it may be related to the genetic system in the body and belongs to a single gene disease. Such people are born with relatively poor pore conditions, and may need to pay a little more effort than others to take care of their skin.

2. Sun exposure

Excessive exposure in the sun will not only cause abnormal metabolism of cells, but also cause the connective tissue to lose elasticity. It is best to start wearing sunscreen and do some physical sunscreen, such as: wearing a hat, holding an umbrella, etc.

3. Excessive cleaning

If the cleaning is too hard, it will make the skin tight, dry and peeling, etc., it is easy for our skin to have abnormal keratin metabolism or aging, causing more damage.

4. Popping pimples

In the process of this behavior, the connective tissue around the pores is often compressed and deformed, so it cannot restore its original elasticity and support.

Although squeezing can drain the oil and keratin stuck in it, the spring next to it may have been deformed and not elastic, so it is still a hole, and the oil and keratin will come back in a few days.

5. High temperature environment

If the ambient temperature is too high, the secretion of sebaceous glands will increase. According to statistics, the secretion of sebaceous glands will increase by 10% for every degree of increase in the ambient temperature of the human body, because there are many more people with acne and acne in summer than in winter.

How to get rid of blackheads? Are you still using traditional methods such as squeezing, pressing, and tearing ?

Pain can't be avoided. If there were stubborn blackheads, these methods will only damage your skin! !



       Second, The following small mistakes you must pay attention to avoid:

1. Don't squeeze with your hands

Many people squeeze with their hands, because nails are easy to hide bacteria, it is easy to cause skin inflammation and make pores bigger and bigger.

2. Want to eradicate blackheads at one time

It takes patience to eradicate blackheads. The old blackheads will be removed in a few days, but new ones will be formed again. This metabolic cycle requires special attention to daily care to be slowly eradicated.

3. Needle to remove blackheads

Many people like to use acne needles to press out the blackheads, but for the part of the nose, they use a lot of force to scrape them. As everyone knows, in this process, using external force to open the pores hard will hurt the skin. If it cannot be recovered immediately, the pores will become larger and larger, and the oil will gradually accumulate and become blackheads.

4. Tear off with a nose sticker

At first, you will see blackheads peeling off, but once you get used to it , blackheads will haunt you like a nightmare and cause you to have large pores.

Say goodbye to traditional "craftsmanship", blackheads will be "sucked" out!

      Third,Starting from basic skin care, it is divided into three steps: cleaning-sucking blackheads-                     repairing

In addition to basic cleaning, choose a suitable tool to suck out the blackheads, and then use products that repair the skin and shrink pores. If you stick to it slowly, the blackheads will slowly disappear~



      Step 1: Do a good job of basic cleaning. The cleaning can be used with the Namis Facial Cleanser , which can deeply cleanse, control oil and eliminate acne ;

      Step 2: Clean more thoroughly, protect the skin from damage, and use the blackhead suction device with skin care black technology:

NanoTime [Visual Blackhead Meter]--Let the pores breathe freely

Unlock new skills to remove blackheads, 20 times magnification to suck, blackheads can't hide at all! !


       There are four main modes, with the "muscle" cleansing:

【Hot compress mode】

40 ℃ constant temperature heating technology, instead of towel hot compress, can quickly help open pores and soften blackheads.

【View Mode】

     App synchronizes the skin screen in real time, 2 million pixels , 20 times magnification, detects the skin condition at any time, and sucks while watching, saying goodbye to blind sucking.

High-definition camera, built-in LED fill light, blackheads can be seen no matter how small.


【Blackhead Mode】

Three-speed suction, only sucks blackheads without hurting the skin, vacuum adsorption, efficient and healthy. The whole process is visible, more convenient and cleaner.

The three levels of suction are aimed at different skins, and each level of suction is just right:

  • High-grade suction: suitable for oily skin

  • Mid-range suction: suitable for mixers and most people

  • Low-grade suction: suitable for dry skin


【Blue Light Care】

415nm wavelength care blue light, acting on the surface of the skin, induces the apoptosis of propionic acid bacteria, plays a bactericidal effect, effectively inhibits the secretion of sebaceous gland oil, reduces pore obstruction, and effectively inhibits the production of blackheads and acne .

【Partition cleaning】

Equipped with three sizes of round holes, it can be used for different areas of the face, and the details are meticulous.



       Step 3: Choose the right product and repair it.

       NanoTime [Purifying Pore Set] is the golden match of the visible blackhead device, which can not only assist in cleaning, but also save users the time or cost of picking the wrong product.

    Blackhead Extractor: It can penetrate deep into pores, soften keratin, gently export, and easily surface blackheads, use after hot compress;

    Pore astringent water: It can soothe and repair, astringe pores, and reduce the secondary formation of blackheads, use after cleaning blackheads.


Clean up regularly, say goodbye to strawberry nose, now! !

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