NanoTime Beauty Eye Apparatus--Frozen-aged freshmen, starting from the "eye" value

Do you have dark circles, eye bags, fine lines, and loose skin around your eyes?

Most people blink more than tens of thousands of times a day, tens of thousands of times when they use their eyes too much, the muscles and skin around the eyes are easily fatigued. Coupled with working overtime and staying up late, it is more likely to have an impact, resulting in eye bags, crow's feet and other eye problems. The whole person will look devoid of energy, the sense of age will increase, and age will be revealed.

But I have tried many methods to no avail, I don't know what to do. In fact, most of the eye problems originate from absorption.


【NanoTine Magic Eye Device】is specially designed for eye skin care, it can solve a variety of eye skin problems, dilute fine lines, dark circles, introduce eye cream, soothing massage, and rejuvenate eyes.

Synchronized multi-beauty functions, effectively assisting the absorption of nutrients in skin care products, making the skin around the eyes supple and plump , and relieving eye fatigue.

1. Nourishing introduction mode: iontophoresis + 40°C constant temperature + sonic massage + red light skin rejuvenation

2. Soothing massage mode: 40℃ hot compress + sonic massage + blue light soothing 


【The main function】

40℃ hot compress, especially for eye skin

   The constant temperature hot compress can quickly relax the skin around the eyes, stimulate the vitality of cells, and help reduce melanin deposition, bags under the eyes and eye lines;

   Assist to open pores and improve the absorption rate of eye cream;

   Relieves sore eyes acid fatigue ;

Red and blue dual care

   Red light skin rejuvenation - revitalize the vitality of eye skin cells, light energy assists heat energy to further enhance the nursing effect, improves blood circulation, promotes metabolism, and can help skin restore vitality and elasticity;

   Blue light soothing-- effectively soothes and calms the skin around the eyes, and adjusts the skin's water-oil balance ;


Sonic vibration massage, promote absorption, soothe and relax

Simulate professional eye care techniques, which can promote the conversion and absorption of imported eye cream, relax the eyes, and help improve eye bags, sagging and other problems;

Nourishing mode - continuous high-frequency vibration, can be quickly imported, firm skin , gentle care

Soothing Mode - Intermittent long and short vibrations to calm the skin and soothe the eye area

Iontophoresis for more effective eye care

Using the principle of mutual repulsion of the same-sex charges, the negative ion nutrients of the eye cream are "introduced" into the skin through the negative ions introduced into the head, improving the absorption effect, improving the skin around the eyes, reduce fine lines, and avoiding problems such as fat particles;


【Intimate Design】 --Understand what you need, give what you want

  • Swing changeable mode, easy to operate

  • Induction switch, it will automatically shut down if it is not used within 1 minute, and it will vibrate and massage when it touches the skin, intelligent power saving

  • Friendly alloy head, 45-degree angle design, smooth and gentle touch, the best massage angle, intimate and easy to use

  • Wireless, carry it with you, and use it wherever you go

  • Pen-grip design for better hand feel

  • Antioxidant massage head, with protective cover, more hygienic and durable

  • long battery life with usb charging


One machine for two purposes, double care for beauty

The Nano Time Beauty F52E eye beauty instrument can be used for eye care and lip care .

Technology skin care, far beyond competing products and hand compresses

A single-function eye beauty device is ineffective and cannot effectively improve eye problems; manual application will make nutrient molecules stay on the surface, which is difficult for the skin to absorb, and it is easy to remain and breed new problems.


The appearance of Nano Time Beauty F52E has successfully attracted many audiences, and it has been recommended by millions of fans and bloggers, and the cost performance is super high! ! Use secretly every day to dilute fine lines, eye bags, dark circles, don't let your eyes reveal your "secrets", use it once, and keep using it for better results.

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