Vface -- create a compact small V face

Do you have these confusions on your face: the skin is getting looser and the face is getting fatter, which makes the whole person look a lot older. Want to do medical beauty, buy beauty equipment, thousands of dollars but not willing.

Affected by gravity, and with the increase of age, the fact that the facial muscles gradually relax is indeed unavoidable. In order to solve the problem of sisters who have the same problem, I will introduce a face-lifting artifact today! !


NanoTime 【Micro Current V Face Device】--Micro-electricity nourishes and tightens the skin

Swipe the screen to unlock the phone to verify whether there is micro-current. The skin can hardly feel the current, so there is no need to be afraid of the tingling caused by the current. It can promote muscle movement, exercise facial muscles and blood circulation, bring about lifting and tightening effects, and can quickly eliminate edema.

Spend a few minutes every day doing facial "yoga", roll around anytime and anywhere, and restore a beautiful smile .


Not much to say, directly highlight the features! !

Feature 1: Solar powered, no need to charge, can be used when there is light

The built-in solar panel can absorb light energy to generate micro-current, which is transmitted to the skin through the massage roller, which promotes facial muscle exercise and blood circulation, replenishes the human body's bioelectric energy, restores skin vitality and elasticity, and micro-current massage is a new way of technology beauty.

Feature 2: Innovative four massage roller, which fits all parts of the face from multiple angles

With double V and four rollers, 360° massage rolling, a single rolling can generate four pressure points at the same time, realize the seamless deep lifting exercise of complex facial curves, and cooperate with the micro-current massage function to realize more scientific facial massage care.


Feature 3: 115°V-shaped golden angle massage roller to achieve the best lifting effect

The 115° golden angle design conforms to the mandibular angle of the popular aesthetic face shape, bringing more scientific facial massage care and achieving the best lifting and firming effect.

Feature 4: All match , double the beauty

Use with daily skin care products for more efficient absorption; effectively improve various fine lines on the face, sagging skin, firm V-face, lock water and moisturize

Feature 5: Small and portable, easy to use

super convenient to use at any time when applying a mask, reading a book, working, or watching a drama .

Feature 6: It is more suitable for massage in the wrinkle areas of the face


Whether it is facial edema, or people who are deeply troubled by obese faces such as double chins, ten minutes of facial massage every day can effectively enhance the contour, absorb, firm and shape , and improve fine lines.

If you want to look good on the mirror, the smoothness of the lines is a very important foundation! If you want to keep your face smooth and linear, start with a V -face microcurrent meter, so that we are not afraid of the front.


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