NanoTime entry-level beauty instrument recommendation

We use skin care products every day, and after using a bunch of them, we finally found that the skin care effect is still not good, and the skin problems are still endless. In fact, is your face really clean, and are your skin care products really absorbed?

At this time, if you match a good beauty instrument, you can feel the gap between it and hand painting. Today, I recommend two entry-level beauty instruments, which newcomers must choose! !


[The first paragraph] The entry-level beauty instrument necessary for little fairies--Namisi Photon Importer F65I

A variety of physical beauty technologies lead the market synchronously, with complete functions and functions, it can meet your basic needs.

Main functions: cleansing, assisting absorption, firming and lifting



Scientific skin care as long as these three simple steps

①Multi-dimensional ion export mode: [Hot compress soothing + sonic massage + ion export]

Set it into a cotton pad, drop in the makeup remover evenly, and slowly "circle" from bottom to top until it is deeply cleansed

  • This mode can open our pores, absorb dirt on the skin, and cleanse deeply;

  • Cleaning is the most important step in skin care. With ION ions, it deeply cleans pores and dirt, makes skin more crystal clear, and relieves acne-prone skin, enlarged pores and other problems;

②Multi-function synchronous import assist mode: [hot compress soothing + sonic massage + red light assist + iontophoresis]

Keep the face clean, mix with lotion/essence and other skin care products and apply it evenly on the face, slowly "lift and circle" from bottom to top

  • This mode can open our pores, introduce warm heat, and promote the absorption of skin care products such as masks, essences, and creams;

  • Photons synchronously assist skin rejuvenation, bringing a new beauty and skin care experience, so that our skin care products are actually spent on the face, and the skin is obviously smoother after use, and the makeup is not stuck the next day.

③ Synchronized massage and lifting of four beauty functions: [hot compress soothing + sonic massage + red and blue light assist + EMS micro-current]

Keep the face clean, use with the skin rejuvenation gel and apply it evenly on the face, slowly "lift and circle" from chin to temple.

  • EMS micro-current muscle training can make muscles exercise expressive muscles, lift contours, relieve edema, activate skin cell vitality, effectively improve fine lines, assist in facial shaping and firm V-face.


[Second model] Entry-level advanced beauty instrument--nanoTime Beauty 3M HZ ultra-light nourish instrument F65U, new upgrade

[3M HZ super photon introduction instrument] synchronization of multiple beauty functions, black technology in the beauty industry. On the basis of the first generation, the technology and functions have been upgraded. The second generation has more functions than the first generation, including photon lifting, massage, and soothing. Added professional ultrasonic technology, using high-frequency ultrasonic waves to widen the distance between the liquid molecules of the essence and transform them into gaseous molecules that are conducive to skin absorption, reaching the bottom of the muscle.


How to choose a photon nourish device and a 3M HZ superphoton nourish device?

【Same Point】

Both are entry-level skin rejuvenation and beauty instruments, and both can achieve six functions of import, export, phototherapy, lifting, massage, and soothing to easily complete spa-level care.


The second generation can achieve more functional combinations and double the effect: photorejuvenation + second generation EMS lifting and firming + ultrasonic introduction = baby skin

1.       Built-in new photon skin rejuvenation technology - photon massage mode, photon soothing mode and photon mode

l Red light skin rejuvenation and blue light alternately act, cooperate with sonic massage, soothe the skin, rejuvenate the skin and firm it, activate the skin after a tired day, and return to the fair skin as girls;

l Blue light soothes acne, red light rejuvenates the skin, moisturizing and flawless.


2. Added 3MHZ ultrasonic function, 3 million times/second vibration frequency, more than 3 times of conventional ultrasonic beauty instruments

l The essence and nutrition can be atomized immediately, and the absorption power can be doubled, deep into the subcutaneous layer, and every drop of the lady's skin care product can be brought to the extreme, making the skin delicate and shiny;

l It can activate skin cells, assist the absorption of nutrients in the dermis, activate cell vibration, and promote blood circulation by heating, and the skin rejuvenation effect is better.


Therefore, Nanotime beauty suggested that female with better skin who only need basic care can enter the first generation; those who with relatively many skin problems and higher budget can purchase the second generation; but for the comparison of the overall effect, the second generation is more recommended. Start on demand.


It is very important to do basic care every day. Only in this way, over time, our skin will get better and better and maintain a good state. In general, these two importers have comprehensive functions and high cost performance. They can not only meet the daily skin care care of most people, but also have good effects and relatively affordable prices. Any one is welcomed by many girls, especially those who just want to try the beauty equipment!

However, there are relatively many skin problems. There are anti-aging needs and higher requirements for beauty and skin care. Women who want to improve their facial skin more quickly are welcome to visit our radio frequency beauty instrument to learn more about it. It will improve the skin care effect. It has risen to another level on the basis of the introduction instrument ~~

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