NanoTime 405 shampoo and conditioner ●Innovative way of hair washing and care

It is said that the hand is a woman's second face , but what about a suitable hairstyle. In this age of beauty, girls have tossed their hair a lot in order to add points to their beauty, but the beauty behind perming, dyeing, pulling, and curling has added a burden to our hair. What should I do if it was originally soft and strong hair, but it has become a fried lion ? If you want to repair your hair for a long time, the closest way to our life is to choose the right washing and care products.


In this very rich and saturated market of shampoo and hair care, with overwhelming products, how should we choose, and what kind of shampoo will stand out?

According to data from a professional survey agency, 80% of women with long hair pay great attention to hair care, and spend about 40 minutes on shampooing and hair care every day, which is twice the average time spent on skin care. 90% of these women hope to find an easy solution to save time on hair care. For shampoo and hair care products, people have the most expectation for continuous improvement of hair quality and scalp problems, accounting for about 50% of the total number of people.


"saving time" and "improving problems" when choosing shampoo and hair care products , especially female users.

But why there are still so many users who still get no improvement after using various shampoos and treatments?

Because traditional shampoos mainly contain a component called "surfactant", this component can play a cleaning role when it produces foam, and when it is combined with other alkaline cleaning components, it can make hair or the dirt on the scalp is cleaned more easily. However, long-term use of "surfactants" and shampooo with alkaline cleaning ingredients can easily lead to damage to the hair or scalp.

Shampoo and hair care, we should pay more attention to the health improvement of the scalp and hair, and the 405 shampoo and conditioner from the Japanese brand, NanoTime has done this very well.


NanoTime is the leading brand of beauty tools in Japan. High-end positioning, users are mainly fashion circles, beautiful people, stars, etc. Founded in 2003, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, it is committed to the innovative R&D, production and sales of beauty appliances. The brand stands at the top of the beauty appliance industry with a market-leading attitude. It has successively launched facetime, bodytime and depitime series of beauty appliances. It broke the sales record of Japan's beauty appliance industry and became a veritable leader of Japan's beauty appliance. Set off a new revolution in the global beauty appliance industry, promote and lead the development of the beauty appliance industry.

In 2007, it was popular in Japan and successively landed in developed countries and regions such as Europe, America, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macao, and its sales continued to lead, enjoying an unprecedented international reputation. In September of the same year, the first personal electronic beauty product of the Nanotime brand, the handy professional moisturizing nano sprayer, was launched. On the same day, it hit a sales myth with a cumulative sales volume of 200,000 units in Japan, and broke the sales record of the Japanese beauty appliance industry several times. It has become a veritable leading brand of beauty appliances, and its influence is evident.

Officially stationed in China in 2010,and the Chinese brand name was officially released as: Nano Time Beauty . . At present , the NanoTime brand has once again exerted its strength, and has cooperated with international authoritative and well-known beauty experts to develop and upgrade more skin care and beauty tool series. With an unstoppable development trend, the brand has been pushed to the world.

NanoTime 's 405 (Recovery) Hair Cleansing Essence is a new type of non-foaming shampoo that integrates shampoo, conditioner and hair mask . It mainly focuses on hair repair and scalp care, and pays more attention to the improvement of hair and scalp. . In addition to the basic cleaning, softening, repairing and other functions , it also innovates a new way of hair care , in the form of a creamy emulsified massage to gradually condition the hair during the cleaning process, and does not contain any "surfactant" or other harmful Ingredients that truly protect the hair and scalp, allowing hair to achieve healthy care.

     Mainly have the following characteristics:

1.   The non-foaming shampoo innovates a new way of washing and protecting. The shampoo is weakly acidic, which is in line with the acidic characteristics of the human body . It can be massaged closely to the hair, promotes the absorption of hair cuticles, protects the healthy balance of the scalp, and can deeply repair damaged hair and nourish the hair. skin, leaving it supple and lustrous for more effective hair care.

Some people think that the more bubbles you wash, the cleaner you will be, but in fact this is just a psychological effect of people. The amount of bubbles has nothing to do with the cleaning power and quality of the shampoo. More foam just means that there are more foaming substances in the shampoo, and it contains strong alkalinity. The foam will take away the moisture of the hair, so it is easy to make the hair more dry.


1.   Special use of nano-technology natural and high-efficiency care ingredients , so that damaged hair is slowly conditioned during the cleaning and massage process, and finally repaired, without any harmful substances to the hair.

hydrolyzed silk " essence is specially added to repair the hair damage caused by drying and ultraviolet rays, making the hair strong and elastic;

"Sweet almond oil" nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, make hair shiny and supple, nourish the scalp ;

Chamomile extract helps soften hair, moisturizes hair and scalp well , protects it from environmental factors, and relieves itchy scalp ;

The " rosemary leaf " essence can remove oil and prevent hair loss, and has anti-oxidation and sterilization effects on the scalp .


   3.  405 shampoo and conditioner pay more attention to the improvement of hair and scalp. One bottle of hair conditioner can solve many hair problems ( repair , softening, conditioning, cleaning, scalp care ), 5 minutes to create soft hair, and one use You can see the effect,

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