5 minutes each time, this one bottle is enough for perm ,dye and repairing

Are there any sisters who like to dye, perm, and bleach, but their hair is dry, frizzy, and easy to break?

Raise your hand and we'll see~

In order to solve this problem, nanotime beauty R&D staff have tried a lot of washing and care products, but the result is that the hair becomes dry and dry, and we cry while trying...

After some research, nanotime beauty finally found the reason for the failure of the repair, let's see if you have been hit! !

1. Because after the hair is permed, the hair quality is seriously damaged, causing the cuticles to open, becoming split ends, dry, frizzy, etc.;

2. Generally, we wash and care with foaming and friction, and this method will easily absorb the moisture of the hair, resulting in dryness;

3. If you use cleaning products containing alkaline surfactants, it is easy to stimulate the health of the hair and scalp;

4. Friction of various products is not only troublesome and time-consuming, but also aggravates the damage to the cuticles of the damaged hair;

Therefore, improper washing and care choices can easily lead to secondary damage to the hair! !

In order to make the everyone take less detours and protect our hair health, nanotime beauty finally found a new option specially researched for perm and dyed hair! !

NanoTime Restorative Conditioning and Purifying Essence Cream--"Black Technology,No Foaming Wash"

Wash and massage for 5 minutes to quickly repair the damage caused by scalding. One bottle is enough! ! !


l 3in1 multi-effect washing and care: in the washing and care process, you can solve a variety of hair problems at one time, no need to use other washing and care products, reduce friction damage, a bottle is accurate and effective, saving time and trouble! It only takes 5 minutes to effectively complete the washing and care methods of the past 20 minutes or more! !

lFoam-free emulsification and cleaning: Alkaline-free formula, does not hurt the hair and scalp, can emulsify and completely remove dirt while attaching and absorbing, nourishing the skin of the head, strengthening the hair roots; deeply repairing damaged hair, so as to more effectively care for the scalp hair. And add the rosemary essence ingredients, effectively remove oil, reduce dandruff, as well as scalp antioxidant, sterilization and other effects.

lWeak acidity: It is more suitable for the weak acidity of the human body, which can protect the healthy balance of the scalp; with the addition of icy mint ingredients, it is more refreshing to remove oil.


Why highly recommend this black technology bubble-free washing and care method?

Because it satisfies all our hair care needs, let us not be afraid of perming: 【Time-saving, simple, fast, effective and healthy】

And the trial users who have experienced it so far have no bad reviews~


This black technology non-foaming cleansing cream is also very popular and sold in Japan, and the praise rate is as high as 90%. Women who are damaged by hot dyeing can really try it. Use it early and repair it early~



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